In our store you can find a great selection of jams and jellies. These items are available all year and can be shipped to your family and friends.


    Apple butter is our favorite fruit butter because we make it fresh every fall with our own apples, cider and an old family recipe. Our apple butter is still made in a large copper kettle that has been in the family for over forty years. We start by hand peeling and slicing our favorite blend of apples. Then our fresh apple cider is placed in the kettle to boil. The sliced apples are added next and boiled for hours. Once all the apples are cooked down, we add our secret spice mix, cane sugar, and brown sugar. We cook the mixture for another hour or two before it is ready to can. We also make a sugar free apple butter. For this, we change the mixture of apples to a sweeter blend and do not add sugar or artificial sweeter. Other butters that we offer include: pumpkin, cherry, strawberry, apricot and sugar free pear butter.


    We sell a great variety of no sugar added spreads. These spreads are naturally sweet from the fruit, or fruit juice is used as a sweeter. Because there is no cane sugar added, our spreads are 25% lower in calories, carbohydrates, and overall fructose (natural sugar) content. Our customers have told us that our spreads are the best they have ever tasted, and our sales prove it with the fruit spreads outselling any jam or jelly. We have shipped them all over the country to customers who have moved away. We carry the following spreads:

Black Raspberry                                Blackberry                           Cherry                      Red Raspberry

Wild Blueberry                                  Double Berry                        Blueberry                  Apricot

Strawberry Rhubarb                           Strawberry                           Pineapple                  Peach

Red Raspberry Rhubarb


       Remember the taste of Grandma's sweet preserves, served on a warm biscuit or on toast? We carry the following:

Strawberry                                       Wild Blackberry                   Cherry                      Blueberry

Black Raspberry                                Huckleberry                        Apricot                     Peach

Red Raspberry                                   Orange Marmalade             Gooseberry Jam


     Just a few miles west of our orchard is a A&B apiary a small organic apiary. We carry several sized bottles of honey from a small squeeze bear up to a two pound jar. Local honey is important to those who suffer from allergies.


     Nothing is better than pancakes and waffles smothered in Michigan Maple Syrup. We carry many size bottles to choose from and we also carry Grade "B". Grade "B" is the last flow of the year and the syrup is darker and has a stronger maple flavor.