We offer a frozen fruit sale days each year; in lateJuly or early August. During these sales we offer frozen fruit and vegetable primarily by the case, but you can order as little as 1 bag. Our frozen fruits come from Coloma Frozen Fruits right here in Michigan. They purchase as many fruits and vegetables from the Great Lakes area as possible. All of our fruit has no sugar added, and all of the fruits and vegetables are IQF. IQF stands for individually quick-frozen; this means that the fruit and vegetables are frozen without juice and therefore are not stuck together.

      We try to carry extra items which are available all year at our Farm Market. Items usually in stock: 

Pie Cherries Sweet Cherries Blueberries
Strawberries Peaches Michigan Mixed Fruit
Asparagus Apple Slices Pineapple
Rhubarb Very Berry Mix Raspberries


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